About Us

About Us | Our Mission’s mission is to provide Canadians with the most trusted and reliable platform to buy high quality weed online at very affordable prices. 

We specialize in premium cannabis products, and pride ourselves on fast service/speedy delivery. We are continuously thanking our customers with deals, promos, and contests. Working directly with our strong network of suppliers allows us to ensure that any product you order with us will be top quality. We carry a range of inventory that includes dried flowers of the highest grades as well as more budget friendly strains, along with a wide selection of weed concentrates, vapes, edibles and CBD products as well.


Our Products

We feature quite a few well-known brands, such as IBHigh, and Boost Edibles, along with some exclusive-to-us brands such as Echelon Edibles, Hawn Craft, and Rocket Labs. We have been praised for our wide range of items, but even with so much to choose from we are always looking for more! Making us a one stop shop for everything cannabis lovers could want. Our products undergo strict quality assurance checks that include testing for molds and pesticides as well as THC and CBD levels. We can confidently say that we would be thrilled to use any of the products we carry in the Supergramz Shop.


Our Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, there is nothing more exciting to us than a repeat customer. We will do everything in our power to provide you with the absolute best. Starting with your online shopping experience and to an efficient delivery of your orders, we aim to exceed the highest standards of customer service in this sector. Orders received and accepted before 3:00PM PST, Monday to Friday (except holidays) will normally be processed and shipped the same day. Our expedited shipping enables patients within metro areas to typically receive their orders within 2 business days of shipment, pending on logistical delays.

Safety is our number one priority for both our customers and staff. We are pleased to say that we have had a zero-incident rating thus far. We have received 10/10 approval ratings from all our members that have received their packages. We are strong marijuana advocates, our belief is that NO patient (whether you have a medical card or not) should have their access to marijuana and (or) marijuana products restricted by outdated laws which are set to be abolished next year for recreational use.

Here at Supergramz, we believe in creating a zero-barrier process for customers to obtain their cannabis products. We wholeheartedly believe and stand for patient’s rights to carry and use cannabis products for whatever ailment(s) they may have. For these reasons, we have created a virtually zero-barrier website for all patients over the age of 19 to obtain high quality products.

Although we are a fairly new company, our staff has a vast knowledge of the industry and know exactly what our clients expect. We take great pride in what we do and have taken important measures each step of the way to make sure that we meet or exceed those expectations.

So we welcome you, and hope to see you around often!