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We have some pretty nice weed to choose from regardless of your budget. Supergramz is commited to providing you with the best cannabis products for the best price. We continually shop the market for deals that we can pass on to you. 

We do have our own grow operation in place with some really knowledgable guys that put all their effort into their craft. We keep our ears open and listen to the needs and wants of our customers and try very hard to fulfill those needs. If there is a product that we can get for you, simply ask about it and we will be on the case.

Happy Smoking!

Team Supergramz

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20 Assorted PreRolls| Hybrid | AAA |

20 PreRolled 1 gram joints containing a variety of strains and types of weed. Handled in a completely sanitized environment.
$100.00 $90.00

Tangie | Hybrid | AAA


Death Bubba | Hybrid | AAA


Pink Kush | Hybrid | AAA


Rockstar 2.0 | Hybrid | AAA


Tuna OG | Hybrid | AAA


MKU (AAA) | Hybrid | AAA


Blue Lights | Hybrid | AAA


Blue Rhino | Hybrid | AAA


SFV OG | Hybrid | AAA+

One of the most prized OG Kush varieties today, the SFV OG cut is known for its lemon pledge aroma and its meditative Sativa effects. No ome is sure of its origin but it has been thought to have mingled with Ghosts OG Kush.
$125.00 $99.00

Chemo | Indica | AAA


Afghani | Indica | AA

Great AA all purpose smoke.
$110.00 $99.00