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Ordering and Payment


Supergramz is a very easy site to navigate and fill your cart with awesome products. We have a sale almost every week so sign up for our monthly newsletter while you are here and never miss one again.



Ordering items from is easy and straightforward. Simply browse through our many items by using the main menu or by searching our inventory directly via our search bar at the top of every page. If you like an item, simply click on any part of the product, view a detail page or click the Add to Cart button on the catalog page you are on. If the item requires any further option selections, you will be directed to the detail page. When you have selected your items, click the cart button in the top right corner and head to the checkout page.



The checkout page is simple and takes a few clicks. Here you will have your item(s) listed with an opportunity to change the quantity of each item or leave it as is. You can also enter any promo codes and discount vouchers in the spaces provided to receive your savings. When you are done selecting your billing and shipping addresses you click confirm order and you are done with the checkout process. Nice and easy. If you do run into any difficulties simply contact us and we can actually assist you while you checkout. We will see where you are getting an error and correct it while you watch (available during business hours).


Payment Process

We accept payment using Interac E-Transfers only. This provides you, our valued customer, the most secure and discrete method of purchasing our products. When you complete your order you will receive an email with your order outlined and instructions on how to send payment. As soon as we receive your e-transfer we will pack your order and ship it out.




Once your order has been paid (when we actually withdraw the payment from your account), we pack it up making sure that it is secure and discrete and ship it out.


Waiting Game

At the same time we are shipping your order our system will fire out an email to you stating that your order is on its way and provide you with a tracking number so that you can watch your package travelling in anticipation of its arrival. Depending on when you placed your order (before 1pm PST is the best time), your order will take about 1-2 days unless you requested express shipping. 

If you have any special delivery instructions make sure to enter them during the checkout process. If for some reason your order gets lost during transit, we will take care of it. If your order was sent to the wrong address due to your error (putting in the wrong address) and it is accepted, you are responsible! Please make absolutely sure your address is entered correctly. We don't like the idea of our products going to someone else either!


Site Errors and Reported Issues 


Although our website developers are very good at what they do, they do on occasion forget to dot an i or cross a t, and that is all it takes to create an error waiting to happen. We like to think that we have weeded out all of the hidden errors but in reality all it takes is a new browser to come out or a new device to prove us wrong. 


What To Do When Your Surfing Turns Ugly

If you do encounter an error while exploring our website do not panic. The error will not affect your device, compromise your information or send electric shocks into you. It simply means our application, as smart as it is, has come across something it doesn't know how to deal with and is asking for help. Our website application is a small part of a very sophisticated system created by Microsoft and as such is protected from major threats. 

There are a couple of things that you can do if you happen to trigger an event that trips our application. First is obvious and very easy for you, our valued customer to do, and that is shut your browser down and that ends your bad experience. The second action available and one that our website team would praise you for; and that is to take a few minutes and report the incident to us by email.  Our email is easy to remember and it is By taking this time you are not only saving someone else's time and trouble, you are giving us vital information that we will use to correct the problem and severely punish the developer responsible (don't worry we won't).  As a thank you, we will happily give you a small reward with your next purchase. So be a hero and help us squash these bugs.


Common Complaints Explained

Errors will stop you in your tracks but there are other issues that may make your visit annoying at times and frustrating for sure. The most common complaint is slow loading pages. We know you are a busy individual and most likely are paying for high speed data connections and the latest technology so why would you have to stare at a spinning wheel when you should be zipping through at light speeds? The answer is for the most part; high resolution images. The larger the image file, the longer it takes to load. We do like to provide super high definition images that pop out of your screen but we must create a balance between speed and the wow factor. 

The other, less guilty factor is bandwidth traffic. If you think of data as cars travelling across a highway, the more cars on the road, the more likely you will slow down. This occurs in both directions. Our highway could be wide open but if your ISP (your connection) is busy the result is the same. We have and will continue to ensure our roads stay clear and wide but please forgive the odd traffic jam here and there.

Other minor complaints are actually more like suggestions. They include layout suggestions and design factors. We value these suggestions since it is you that uses our website, it should be catered to your liking. If you have any ideas please pass them along to our email address and we will have a look.


Thank you for taking the time to read and learn; hopefully you have gained some understanding of what can happen and won't just curse us the next time something doesn't go as planned. Do you know what is really good for website frustration and anxiety? You guessed it, so please go smoke, eat or otherwise ingest some quality cannabis and don't let the little things in life get to you.


Contact us any time you feel like you need to. We are friendly, helpful and enjoy solving problems, making people happy and being the best online weed store in the universe!

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