This species can grow quite tall (up to 25 feet) and has long, serrated light green leaves. Sativa was used primarily as hemp and typically grown for industrial use. Fast forward and we now have a very potent version of sativa that has far better uses other than hemp! Sativa strains are known for their energizing effects on the mind. Creativity, motivation and just plain feelings of happiness are reported by users of this strain. If you need a boost to get that mind into gear, sativa is your girl.

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Cambodian | Hybrid | AAAA

This 100% Sativa strain native to a region of Cambodia that makes up the parentage of many popular sativas today.

Durban Poison *OZ ON SALE* | Sativa | AAAA

Durban Poison was brought to the United States from South Africa. Its parental strains are unknown.

Frankie's Incense Haze | Sativa | AAA

I have 100% sativa genetics — something that's hard to come by in the modern world. They think I might be the same NYC Haze that used to float around NYC in the early 90s.

Goddess *OZ ON SALE* | Hybrid | AAAA

Goddess is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Skunk #1 X Sweet Leaf strains.
$160.00 $145.00

Mojito *OZ ON SALE* | Hybrid | AAA+

It is a cross between Limegerian and the Orange Blossom Trail.

Sharks Breath *OZ ON SALE* | Hybrid | AAAA

This strain is a child strain of award-winning Great White Shark and Lamb’s Bread.

Sophie's Breath *OZ ON SALE* | Hybrid | AAAA

Sophie's Breath is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Sophisticated Lady (Sophie's Cut) and Mendobreath F2 strains.
$160.00 $145.00

Strawberry Short Cookies *OZ ON SALE* | Hybrid | AAA

Strawberry Short Cookies is made from by crossing Animal Cookies with Strawberry Fields.

Tangie | Hybrid | AAA

A cross of California Orange, an even sativa/indica hybrid, and a Skunk strain.

Tropicana Cookies | Hybrid | AAAA

A strain created through a cross of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie strains.

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