Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Plants?

Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Plants?

What is the difference between male and female cannabis plants?

While the majority of plants contain both male and female reproductive properties, cannabis plants are unique as they can either be male, female of hermaphrodite. Their sexes can determine their production cycle and the plant’s uses.

Male Cannabis

Male cannabis plants produce sacs of pollen, which are required to fertilize female flowers and create hybrids. When comparing the male and female plants, the male cannabis plants are less popular as they don’t produce the cannabis buds themselves; yet they are crucial to the reproductive process, allowing the female cannabis plants to produce buds.

While male cannabis plants are the less popular of the sexes, they do have their uses.

Making Hemp Fiber

Both genders can be used to make hemp fiber, yet the male plant is known for creating softer fabric, suitable for clothing and blankets.

Used For Reproduction And Cloning

Male cannabis plants are essential in the breeding process, so while they aren’t wanted in their masses, they are crucial to have.

Creates Hash

Although not as potent as the female cannabis plant, the male plant contains THC, which is effective for hash Now we have a deeper understanding of a male cannabis plant’s properties, let’s find out how the female cannabis plant differs.

Female Cannabis

Like the male cannabis plant, the female plant retains the similar visual features during seedling and vegetative phases. Once the plants begin to transition into the flowering stage, you can identify the female cannabis plants by their flowers, rather than sacs. These flowers are known as buds and are loaded with cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis

Genetic or environmental factors can have an impact on the growth and sex of a cannabis plant. If at any point the female or male plant is put under stress, it can become monoecious. This stress could be caused by any of the following environmental or genetic factors:

Extra light

Too little or excessive watering

Certain insects


Nutrient deficiencies

Poor genetics

This type of cannabis plant wants to be avoided as it creates both buds and pollen sacs, making it more inconsistent and uncontrolled to produce from. During the early stages of the plants life, it’s important to recognize it’s sex, and seperate male and female plants to prevent the formation of hermaphrodite cannabis.